She’s quirky and bubbly and chatty and outgoing. He’s quiet and thoughtful and shy and intelligent.  She loves purple and pigs. He loves tech and toys.  She studied education, he studied engineering.  He’s the left brain to her right. She’s the art to his science.  But, they both love books and punk and crime TV.  They’re both weird and wacky and wonderful. They’re both well- traveled and well, frankly… well-matched.

Anna & Hank met randomly at a mutual friend’s house. They didn’t even live in the same city. But karma or fate or fortune stepped in and brought them to the same place at the same time. Some may call them opposites. I call them compliments. That’s the thing about love. There’s no hard and fast rule that determines who is “compatible” with you.  The question is: Does that polar-opposite, couldn’t-be-more-different, bizarre-world, anti-you… complete you? If you can find someone who is the zen to your zany, well then, accept and embrace those crazy differences. You just might find that whatever was missing in your world before truly was your other half. 💕

We met at the (really cool) Burton Barr Central Phoenix Library for their whirlwind engagement session.  Being a bibliophile myself, I was stoked when Anna suggested this as our first stop!

The entrance to the library has this amazing hallway covered with quotes and names of donors. We found the perfect quote for their ‘uniquely exciting’ session…

Every bookworm is a kid at heart, and Anna found the perfect Roger Hargreaves books for her and Hank. Which ‘Mr. Men’ or ‘Little Miss’ are you?

The top floor of the library has these amazing giant wall to wall windows where you can see the all of downtown Phoenix. It’s a great place to gaze and learn. Anna & Hank spent some time gazing at each other and learning about ‘How to Celebrate Your Differences’,  in the apropos book Love Styles, by Tina Tessina.

Study break! Who hasn’t snuck away to kiss their sweetheart behind a stack of books?

The stripes on Anna’s dress inspired me. Lines, lines, everywhere.

Next stop, Forest Park. Anna lives there and loves the foliage & fountains & zen vibe of the area. I have to agree.

You know I can’t do an engagement session without trying for a sunset shot! Snagged a little golden light.

The sun went down, but the lamps lit the way. These two were just so cute all cuddled in this giant tree & wandering around the complex together.

And of course, we have to end this post with a gorgeous ring shot! Purple stone on a pig holder… Perfect!!

Congratulations Anna and Hank! You guys are awesome and I had so much fun photographing you! I can’t wait for your Desert Botanical Garden wedding!

©Mindy Deluca, Life Story Photography.