He twirled her. Over and over and over again. There was no music to be heard. But he took her hand, spontaneously, and without prompting, he lead her in a dance. That’s when you know that there is a magic between a couple. When they can dance to a beat that only the two of them hear, never missing a step. And on this warm spring day, with the sun aglow on the horizon, city lights in view, Sheila and Brand danced the night away.

When Sheila and I first spoke about her wedding, it was clear that her main goal was for it to be fun! Beautiful and sweet, yes. But not too formal. She wanted a celebration. And most definitely a night that her friends and family could look back on and smile. And that is exactly what it was. Sheila + Brand’s wedding was full of smiles. And laughter. And cheers. My cheeks hurt just remembering it.

And oh my, was it beautiful! The ceremony took place at the ever lovely Marshall Garden at the Scottsdale Civic Center. There were a few very sweet tears of joy, especially when they said their vows. And there was lots of laughter when Brand, who was so entranced with Sheila and the words they had just spoken to each other, leaned down to kiss her….. before the officiant had given the go ahead! The sun peeked through the trees and painted a golden glow on their “official” first kiss, which of course was comprised of a “secret hand shake”, a gentle shoulder bump, and yes, you guessed it… their very own dance move. J

The celebration continued at a gorgeous private residence on Camelback Mountain, with a stunning view of downtown Phoenix. We snuck away for a bit to enjoy the sunset, the desert, and the city lights. *Special thanks goes out to Brand’s friend, Chris, who became my lighting assistant… night fell quickly, and we couldn’t have gotten these images without him! When we returned to the reception, dinner was served! But not just any traditional buffet or catered dinner. Not for this fun-loving couple. They opted for a food truck! Super Farm Super Truckprovided gourmet tacos for the guests. And that was no easy feat… considering they had to back the truck up the drive… did I mention this was on the side of a mountain??! But they made it, and it was a super unique and super tasty meal! Yum!

Sheila, I can safely say that you accomplished your goal. Your day was amazing. After dinner and toasts, the dance floor was full of guests, enjoying the party under the string lights.

When I left for the night, I looked for Sheila & Brand. And there they were… dancing.

Congratulations Sheila + Brand! You have found your perfect dance partner. May you forever sway to the music in your hearts. 💕

©Mindy Deluca, Life Story Photography.

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