They say life is a series of ‘firsts’. Your first steps, your first adventure, your first kiss…. And as you move through life, those ‘firsts’ come less frequently. On this beautifully warm early fall day, in the midst of a peach grove outside the lovely Farmhouse at Schnepf Farms, I had another first. Surrounded by their loved ones, Ashley + Jordan did something I had never seen done before.

They created a new tradition. One that I hope, on one hand (coming from the crazy romantic inside me), will remain unique to them…. And on the other hand, will actually catch on, because it was so incredibly sweet, so beautiful and creative. They branded a piece of wood. A round slice from a tree, raw and unfinished, perfect in it’s imperfection.

And as I watched them lift the iron from the fire, and press it to the wood, I thought to myself, and could hear their guests whisper as well… “That is really cool.” But when their officiant lifted the newly branded  piece of wood, held it up for everyone to see, and spoke these words…. I was in complete awe.

“Today, Jordan and Ashley are starting a new tradition. As a sign of their love for each other, the intertwining of their lives, and the fire that burns within their souls for each other, gathered together among friends and family, they will brand this piece of wood. This brand will be on permanent display in their home to show their devotion to each other, today, tomorrow and the rest of their lives. To help them find their way back home, if ever lost in the turbulent storms of life. To remind them of the love and support that each of you have given them today and that you continue to give each and every day. As this brand cannot be undone, so shall their promise to each other stand the test of time.”

For each wedding, each engagement, each couple, I try my best to describe in words their love, their relationship, their experience. But for this wedding, for this couple… my words fail me. Not for lack of inspiration. Quite the contrary. For the simple reason that my words could never come close to better describing the love that they share than those that were already spoken on their wedding day. And so, I hope that I’ve been able to describe this amazing love, this amazing wedding, this amazing experience, in photos.

Ashley+Jordan, thank you for allowing me the honor of documenting your wedding, your love, and your new tradition. I wish you so much happiness and joy, my friends. And I wish you a marriage filled with ‘firsts’, and also ‘forevers’. Like the rings of a tree, may your love grow through the years, weathering all that life brings, shifting and changing ever so slightly, yet remaining encircled, becoming stronger and stronger every day. 💕   ©Mindy Deluca

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