He told me he was going to propose to Megan and he wanted me to capture it. I was honored. Then he told me he planned to do it at a dog park…. And I thought to myself, these are people after my own heart.

Let’s be honest. It’s HARD to plan a unique wedding proposal. One that hasn’t been done before. One that will come as a surpise. One that is absolutely perfect.

But that’s exactly what he did.

Let me back up a minute. To know how it was the perfect proposal, you have to know why he decided on the where part of the plan.

Valentine’s Day was coming, and it also happened to be eighteen months – to the day – from the day that changed both their lives. A year and ½ from that perfect day when he and Sophie just happened to run into her and Lola at the local watering hole. (Err… the drinking station at the Dog Park they frequented.) Call it canine coincidence or four-legged fate, but their furry friends brought them together. And from that day on, he knew that when the time was right, he would bring her back to that very spot where it all began.

We had it all planned. I would go the park and pretend to take photos of my dog. When they arrived, they would do a lap around, and then stop at the drink station. Jordan would say something to get Megan to turn around, and I would turn my camera on them. Aaannnddd then the (normally dry and sunny) AZ weather took a turn. The clouds opened up and the rain started falling — ALL DAY. I was worried that Megan may not want to go to a wet dog park on Valentine’s Day before their dinner reservation. But thankfully she was still game (my kind of girl!). And Cupid must have been looking out for them, because by the time they arrived… the rain had stopped.

So I played fetch with my own pup, and concealed my camera (with my giant zoom lens on it) inside the doggy tunnel in hopes that she wouldn’t notice there was crazy girl with a camera watching them walk around the park. (Side note: training obstacles can be really good camouflage for a photographer!)

They entered the park and talked about how romantic it will be to toast to their ‘anniversary’ on Valentine’s Day at the spot they met. (Megan had even thought to bring champagne to celebrate!) And as they approached their spot, Jordan said to Megan, “You know what would be more romantic? If I proposed to you at the spot we met.”  And when Megan turned around, he was on his knee, ring box in hand, surrounded by their best friends, in that very spot.

Megan and Jordan, thank you so much for allowing me the honor and trusting in me to capture this incredible time in your lives. Here’s to best friends, dog park drinks, never letting the weather hinder your plans, and making many more memories together regardless of how much doo-doo is surrounding you. 😉 I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to hear what your plans are, for what is sure to be, your perfect wedding! 💕 ©Mindy Deluca

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Photos:  Mindy DeLuca Photography

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The GEAR used for this Session:

Nikon D750Nikon 70-200 2.8Nikon 60mm f/2.8