They took out the tiny little DC brand baby shoes and put them in my hands. And I melted. No, not because it was a sweltering 100° day in early May (although, yes, it was)… but because I was now holding what will be little JJ’s first pair of – freaking awesome – baby shoes. But I’m getting ahead of myself here….

When Erin found me via Instagram and told me that she was having her first baby and wanted to schedule pregnancy announcement, maternity, and newborn sessions, I was honored. I mean, that’s one of the greatest joys in photography… helping people document the most important times in their lives! Little did I know at the time how amazing this Mother-To-Be really is. She is a hobbyist photog herself, has a killer vintage camera collection, and not to mention an awesome-sauce camera & film tattoo… so, right there, we instantly hit it off! Kory is going to be the coolest dad on the block. He’s a serious DC comics collector, so little JJ has a built-in gaming and comic-con buddy!

And Erin and Kory are huge college football fans (we won’t mention the fact that Erin is an Alabama Crimson Tide girl, while Kory roots for the Florida Gators, and during their pregnancy announcement photo session, they held a onesie that said “Tie Breaker”. Hahahahaha!!). We’ll have to wait and see which side baby JJ takes. My bet is he’s going to Georgia Bulldogs fan. Because who is more influential to a kid than his big brother?! That’s right, this kid is one lucky little bug already. Not only does he have super cool parents, but he has a super sweet, super cute, big “brother”… a bulldog named Loki… who will certainly protect him, cuddle him, and show him the ropes. He’ll be drooling like a pro in no time. 😉

So, back to our session. Yes, it was a *very* warm day in May, but we needed to get these photos of the baby bump before the baby came! We met at the Salt River, which I love, and I knew Erin would too (being from Florida)! It’s a gorgeous spot with lots of scenery options, and the water to help cool us all off! When she told me they wanted to take a family shoe shot… well… I went from sweaty to giddy!! You know I’m a serious sucker for a fabulous shoe shot. And this one was times 4!! xxxx And the session just got better as the evening went on. Erin was glowing in the golden sunlight, and Kory held her gently as we meandered through the desert terrain. We were even treated to a visit by some Wild Horses, who you’ll see crossing the river in the background. As dusk fell, we ended our session in the calm water, a welcome treat for this warm mama, and a very cool end to the evening.

Baby JJ… I can’t wait to meet you and take your first official shoe shot. I know you are going to look just as studly as your dad & big brother, and be just as gorgeous as your amazing mom!  💕

©Mindy Deluca, Life Story Photography.

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2016-05-12_Maternity_Salt River_ErinKory_ Mindy DeLuca_003 of 014


2016-05-12_Maternity_Salt River_ErinKory_ Mindy DeLuca_005 of 014


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2016-05-12_Maternity_Salt River_ErinKory_ Mindy DeLuca_011 of 014


Are you a DC Shoe fan too?! Well, in addition to being some of the sweetest kicks ever, according to this article from The Babble Out, DC Shoes are the best for longboarding too! As the saying goes, Life’s short… Ride long! Check it out, and keep on pushin’!

The GEAR used for this Session:

Nikon D750

Nikon 85mm f/1.8

Nikon 50mm f/1.4

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8

Yongnuou 560iv Speedlights

Yongnuou 560-tx Controller

MagMod Grids